Built-in cabinets

If the cabinets are for a new building that is still in the planning phase we would need to have a meeting with the customer and see the plans (possibly accompanied by the architect, builder or interior designer if the customer so wishes). The layout and overall prerequisites are then communicated to us with some indications as to the style that is preferred. We then provide you with a professionally drawn 3D model of the cabinets with photorealistic textures as well as a quotation. To then proceed we request a 50% deposit of the quoted amount. We start building the cabinets once the spaces can be measured from the building. An indication of our time schedules will be given in our quotation. Installation will only commence once all the painting and overhead work is completed (ceilings, lighting, plumbing, etc.) Final payment will be made once the customer is satisfied with the installed product.


If possible we will come and inspect the piece’s location so as to get accurate measurements of the space and a feel for the surrounding styles and colours. We have a range of wood and veneer samples from which texture and colour matching can be done. When designing, attention is given to the piece’s functionality, the proportions, the style, the wood textures, the finish, the strength and durability and ease of transport. After this initial meeting the procedure is similar as described above.